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  • More than anything else, George Harrington wants a motorcycle. He works in his grandmother's store in Obadiah, Alabama, trying to save enough money for the precious bike. Esther Garrison works at the store, too, trying to earn money for a dream of he...

  • When the summer of 1964 begins, Cooper (who is white) and Jubal (who is black), form a secret society, The Scorpions, and debate whether to invite another boy, Squirrel, to join. When freedom workers come to town to register blacks to vote, the quiet...

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    The killing of Naresse Clouse, mother of four, was the stuff of nightmares.  The pretty restaurant hostess was shot, stabbed, and left hanging in a rural barn, where some said she was meeting a lover.  Three years later her killer has not been fo...

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    When the cheering dies, murder begins...In the town of Sheffield, Mississippi, football is next to godliness, and homecoming is the shrine.  But this year, as the homecoming queens--one white, one black--are crowned and families take their usual pl...

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    In an explosion of madness, the years of peace between the black and white communities of the Mississippi hill country are shattered. Four men--a preacher, a lawyer, an auto mechanic, and an insurance salesman--have been killed by someone who drives ...

Complete Series List in Order

Bramlett Grover

1) A Legacy of Vengeance (1994)
2) A Homecoming for Murder (Aug-1995)
3) Cruel As the Grave (Aug-1996)

Award-Winning Books by John Armistead

Return of Gabriel
2002 IndieFab Award -- Children-Y/A Fiction