The Present



  • Georgian
  • 19th Century
  • 1820's-1830's


  • England


  • Anastasia Stefanov (Heroine)
  • Lord Christopher Malory, I Marquis of Haverston (Hero)


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As the entire Malory family gathers at Haverston to celebrate the season, albs not well. Underlying tensions threaten to dampen the holiday spirit--until a mysterious present that arrives anonymously is opened and shared by all.

The gift is an old journal--a tender and tempestuous account of the love affair between the second Marquis, Christopher Malory and a dark gypsy beauty named Anastasia, who seeks a love match with a non-gypsy in order to save herself from a prearranged marriage to a brute. Though the dashing English lord Anastasia sets her sights upon burns for the exquisite, exotic miss, Christopher could never consent to wed such a lowborn lady. But miracles have been known to happen in this season of peace and giving and love, as two extraordinary people separated by circumstance of birth begin a passionate dance of will and wiles. And in the miraculous blossoming of a resplendent romance at a long ago Christmastime, there are wise and well-learned lessons that will enrich the hearts of the Malory descendants--and, indeed, of everyone who has ever dreamed.
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