Jennifer Hulshof-Boone

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    The Council - 3

    Althena was forced into learning her elemental magic as a matter of necessity to survive and exact revenge against the abominations that murdered her husband and daughter as well as wiped out her village. Only twelve women survived forming the Coven,...

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    The Council - 2

    Ruby is the leader of the werewolf pack known as the Red Cloaks. They, along with the help of Ashton and their group now must travel to Ireland to stop the mad king, Khalid, from committing high treason at the G-Eight Summit. They are sought out by a...

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    The Council - 1

    Ashton Gament was born into slavery but those bonds were broken the night her sire made her into a vampire. But even vampires have laws to follow and she along with all vampires are ruled by a secretive group known as the Council. They are never allo...

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