Book List in Order: 45 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Bishop Brothers

1) The Horseman's Secret (Aug-2007)
2) The Brother Returns (Jan-2008)

The Brodys of Lightning Creek

1) To Tempt a Cowgirl (Jul-2015)
2) To Kiss a Cowgirl (Dec-2015)
3) To Court a Cowgirl (Aug-2016)
4) Molly's Mr. Wrong (Jan-2017)
5) Wrangling the Rancher (Sep-2017)
6) Her Mountain Sanctuary (Apr-2018)

Holly, Idaho

1) A Home for the Holidays (Oct-2020)
2) Once Upon a Winter Wedding (Jan-2021)
3) V is for Valentine (Feb-2021)

Marvells of Montana

1) The Montana Bride (Sep-2015)
2) The Christmas Secret (Nov-2015)
3) The Cowboy Rides Away (Sep-2017)

The Men of Marvell Ranch

1) The Cowboy's Last Rodeo (Sep-2018)
2) A Marvell Country Christmas (Nov-2018)
3) Challenging the Cowboy (Apr-2019)
4) Her Cowboy Boss (Aug-2019)

Montana Bull Riders

1) The Bull Rider Meets His Match (Mar-2016)
2) The Bull Rider's Homecoming (Sep-2016)
3) A Bull Rider to Depend on (Apr-2017)
4) The Bull Rider's Plan (Nov-2017)
5) Her Montana Cowboy (Aug-2018)

The Montana Way

1) Once a Champion (Jun-2013)
2) Cowgirl in High Heels (Jan-2014)
3) All for a Cowboy (Jun-2014)

Sweet Home, Montana

1) A Ranch Between Them (Oct-2019)
2) Montana Dad (Feb-2020)
3) Montana Homecoming (Jul-2020)

Too Many Cooks?

1) The Baby Truce (Dec-2011)
2) Undercover Cook (Jan-2012)
3) Just Desserts (Feb-2012)

Multi-Author Series List

78th Copper Mountain Rodeo

1) Catch Me, Cowboy (Sep-2016)

American Extreme Bull Riders Tour

7) Austin (Aug-2017)

Copper Mountain Rodeo

13) Catch Me, Cowboy (Sep-2016)

Count on a Cop

Cop On Loan (Oct-2008)

Cowboy Country

The Horseman's Secret (Aug-2007)
Cowboy Comes Back (Jul-2009)

Going Back

Cowboy Comes Back (Jul-2009)
Always a Temp (Apr-2010)

Home on the Ranch

The Brother Returns (Jan-2008)
A Cowboy's Redemption (Feb-2009)
Maddie Inherits a Cowboy (Feb-2011)

Secrets of Cherry Lake

5) The Montana Bride (Sep-2015)

Single Father

22) The Horseman's Secret (Aug-2007)
29) Once and for All (Jul-2010)