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    29 Books (2 Series)
  • First Book:
    December 1973
  • Latest Book:
    December 2022
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Full Series List in Order

Depth Force

1 - Depth Force ()
2 - Death Dive (Oct-1984)
3 - Bloody Seas ()
4 - Battle Stations ()
5 - Torpedo Tomb (Nov-2022)
6 - Sea of Flames (Jun-1986)
7 - Deep Kill (Nov-1986)
8 - Suicide Run (Mar-1987)
9 - Death Cruise ()
10 - Ice Island (Dec-2022)
11 - Harbor of Doom (Apr-1989)
12 - Warmonger (Dec-2022)
13 - Deep Rescue ()
14 - Torpedo Treasure (May-1991)
15 - Hot Zone (Feb-1992)
16 - Rig War (Aug-1992)

Super Depth Force

Project Discovery (May-1988)

Book List in Order: 29 titles

  • Time Of Decision Across the Southland, the battle between rebels and redcoats raged, devastating towns and burning great plantations. But passion, not politics, was the concern of beautiful, aristocratic Katherine Hobart. Neither loyalty to her ...

  • A history-book item about a top-secret Maguis cell prompts John Tagget to search through Europe for information on a World War II he cannot remember and leads him into an espionage net run by the agents who betrayed him thirty years before...

  • While attempting to salvage an incalculable fortune in gold from an ancient wreck, America's high technology submarine, the Shark, faces a Soviet killer sub with the same mission and a suspected double-agent aboard...

  • Sleek and swift, America's newest and most sophisticated undersea vessel of war, Manta, under the command of Jack Boxer, is running a deadly race against time. Fanatical Red Army terrorists have stolen three Chinese submarines: a "boomer" with nuclea...

  • John Wesley Anderson attempts to supplement his wealth, his art collection, and his mistress with political power, a maneuver that involves Anderson's use of his CIA contacts but that backfires when the Agency decides to terminate him...

  • On a rescue mission to save a downed Russian vessel, Admiral Jack Boxer discovers that its crew is dead and that high levels of lethal radiation caused by illegally dumped nuclear waste is filling the vessel. Original....

  • When saboteurs threaten to destroy the largest deep-sea oil field and with it America's chances at independence from foreign oil, the President contacts former U.S. Admiral Jack Boxer, a free-agent prepared to serve his country for a price. Original....

  • After an explosion kills thirty sailors, brilliant Navy lawyer Clark Gamrick realizes he must defend his primary suspect--in a death penalty court martial where guilt is assumed and ""justice"" is swift--in order to stop the real killer. ...

  • Only the Dead Speak Russian is brilliantly written by a veteran author whose captivating voice comes out at you from every pore of the story, as if issuing from a deeply involved presence. From Moscow, across Siberian tundra and at last, to Manhattan...

  • Six Weeks on The New York Post BESTSELLER LIST ! ! !The dramatic sweep of THE ANCIENT OF DAYS brings to life the story of mankind on the cusp of civilization, and how one man, Ronstrom the Builder, made it happen. It's a story of magic, miracles, vio...

  • Praise for Irving A. Greenfield: “ANCIENT OF DAYS is brutal, brilliant, raw, and ultimately true.” ~The New York Post Judah the Hammer, they called him. The leader in the story of one of the bloodiest repressions and uprisings in Jewish history, ...

  • The time: 1950, the start of the Korean War. The place: Fort Bliss TX, where the 245th Infantry Battalion, a National Guard Unit, is training before deployment. The problem: Private John Gault MacKenna is actually a full Colonel in the Army’s Crimi...

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    Admiral Jack Boxer and his crew on board an American nuclear submarine head of the Persian Gulf and an assignment to seek out and destroy a secret Iranian-Soviet undersea base for a fleet of deadly mini-submarines...

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    America's secret high-tech submarine, the Narwhal, was down, crippled far beneath the threatening seas. Commander Joe Boxer and his crew are working furiously to repair the damage. Then a saboteur was discovered, then another. Not knowing who to trus...

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    Titles include : 2. Death Dive (1984) 3. Bloody Seas (1985) 5. Torpedo Tomb (1986) 8. Suicide Run (1987) 9. Death Cruise (1988) 10. Ice Island (1988) 11. Harbor of Doom (1989) 12. Warmonger (1989) 14. Torpedo Treasure (1991) Super Submarine Adventure...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Irving A. Greenfield has published 29 books.

Irving A. Greenfield does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Ice Island, was published in December 2022.

The first book by Irving A. Greenfield, The Glow Of Morning, was published in December 1973.

Yes. Irving A. Greenfield has 2 series.