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  • Bibliography:
    11 Books - 3 Series
  • First Book:
    January 1960
  • Latest Book:
    September 2009
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Full Series List in Order

Chester Cricket and His Friends

The Cricket in Times Square (Jan-1960)
Chester Cricket's Pigeon Ride (May-1981)
The Old Meadow (Oct-1989)

Harry Cat

Harry Cat's Pet Puppy (1974)
Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse (1986)

Tucker's Countryside

Tucker's Countryside (Jun-1969)
Chester Cricket's New Home (Aug-1983)

Book List in Order: 11 titles

  • After Chester, a cricket, arrives in the Times Square subway station via a picnic basket from his native Connecticut, he takes up residence in the Bellinis' newsstand. There, the tiny creature is lucky enough to find three good friends: a little boy ...

  • Chester Cricket needs help. That’s the message John Robin carries into the Times Square subway station where Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse live. Quickly, Chester’s good friends set off on the long, hard journey to the Old Meadow, where all is not we...

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    In The Genie of Sutton Place by award-winning author George Selden, a young boy recounts the events of the summer when he had the services of an Arabian genie at his disposal. "Tim turns to his dead father's diaries for some occult wisdom to help hi...

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    "Get that thing out of here!" Tucker shouted. Tucker Mouse was waiting impatiently in the drainpipe in the Times Square subway station where he and his friend, Harry Cat, made their home. And when Harry finally came home, he was dragging with him ...

  • Chester Cricket--the famous cricket in Times Square--is homesick. When his friend Mario takes him to a sky show at the Planetarium, Chester realizes how much he misses seeing real stars at night.Happily, he finds his way out of the subway into Times ...

  • I'M JERRY; IRMA'S A CAT Whiskers! In Connecticut things were never like this! Imagine me, mild mannered, philosophically inclined Cocker Spaniel that I am, staging burglaries and mad attacks and cheesing it (that's how Irma would put it; it means ...

  • Crash! One minute Chester Cricket is calmly sitting inside his stump house. The next thing he knows, the roof is collapsing upon him! Left without a home, Chester is forced to move in with one neighbor after another in Tucker's Countryside. Nothing w...

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    Meet Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse. No one would ever dream that a cat and mouse could become friends, but that doesn't stop Harry and Tucker. All they have is each other to depend on. Together they begin an exciting adventure throughout New York,...

  • Chester Cricket and his friends from the meadow have to help poor old Mr. Budd. He and his dog Dubber have to move out of their quiet corner of the Old Meadow because it has been named a historical landmark.Chester Cricket and the meadowfolk band tog...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

George Selden has published 11 books.

George Selden does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse/Chester Cricket's Pigeon Ride, was published in September 2009.

The first book by George Selden, The Cricket in Times Square, was published in January 1960.

Yes. George Selden has 3 series.