The Peacekeepers



  • Futuristic


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Exploring a deserted alien spaceship, Lt. Commander Data and Lt. Georgi LaForge suddenly find themselves transported light-years away--into the middle of a deadly conflict! While Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise search feverishly for the missing crewmen, Data and LaForge discover they are in a station almost identical to the one they were exploring, high in orbit around an Earth-type world. Years before, the occupants of that planet accidentally stumbled onto the ship and its advanced technology--and since then, have used its weapons to keep the nations on the planet below disarmed, and at peace.

Now their own arrival has precipitated a crisis on the station. Somehow, Data and La Forge must find away to restore trust between the planet below and the station's guardians up above--before a final destructive war breaks out!
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