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    22 Books (1 Series)
  • First Book:
    January 1979
  • Latest Book:
    March 2005
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Full Series List in Order

A Sheriff Frank Decker Mystery

Murder in the Blood (Oct-2003)

Multi-Author Series List

Lost in Space

The Vault (Aug-1999)


13 - King of the Dead (Mar-1996)
15 - Lord of the Necropolis (Oct-1997)

Star Trek

Chain of Attack (Feb-1987)
The Peacekeepers (Sep-1988)
Final Nexus (Dec-1988)
Renegade (Jun-1991)
Into the Nebula (Jul-1995)
Engines of Destiny (Mar-2005)

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Engines of Destiny (Mar-2005)
2 - The Peacekeepers (Sep-1988)
36 - Into the Nebula (Jul-1995)

Star Trek: The Original Series

32 - Chain of Attack (Feb-1987)
43 - Final Nexus (Dec-1988)
55 - Renegade (Jun-1991)

Book List in Order: 22 titles

    • / Science Fiction
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  • While mapping a series of gravitational anomalies, the Enterprise is suddenly hurled millions of light-years through space, into a distant galaxy of scorched and lifeless worlds . . . into the middle of an endless interstellar war. With no way bac...

  • Exploring a deserted alien spaceship, Lt. Commander Data and Lt. Georgi LaForge suddenly find themselves transported light-years away--into the middle of a deadly conflict! While Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise search feverishly for the...

  • Uncounted centuries ago, an unknown race from beyond our galaxy created a series of interstellar gates--shortcuts across our universe-and then disappeared, leaving behind no clues to their fate, or the operation of their system. Twice before, the Ent...

  • Dandelion, an intergalactic law-enforcement agent masquerading as an ordinary cat, joins forces with Calvin, his father, and his friend Kathy to repair malfunctions abroad an important space probe and to clear Calvin's father from suspicion of sabota...

  • Cats and crime make an irresistible combination in this second volume of Mystery Cats. Bestselling author Lilian Jackson Braun uses her favorite breed, the Siamese, to chill us with a tale of a sinister violin-playing villain who gets his comeuppance...

  • For nearly a hundred years, the planet Chrellkan IV has enjoyed a peaceful relationship with the colony on the third planet of its star system. However, relations between the two worlds take a deadly turn as rebel colonists take over Chrellkan III an...

  • While exploring an unknown region of space, the U.S.S. Enterprise encounters a strange nebular dust. Upon further investigation, they discover a planet called Krantin on which the plant and animal life, as well as the civilization are dying. A ser...

    • / Heroic Fantasy / Sword & Sorcery
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    With virtually unlimited powers as King of the Dead, Azalin still cannot find peace. Tortured by the death of his son., the unwilling ruler has come to despise the world of darkness and horror over which he reigns. From his previous life as a powe...

  • Becoming the new apprentice to the Habitat Partner of Forest is very important to young Albert, but it seems like it will take forever. While doing another dull, jungle plant life survey with his Plateosarurus partner, Hightop, they hear disturbing n...

    • / Heroic Fantasy / Sword & Sorcery
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    For a century and a half, Azalin had been lord, and prisoner, of the greatest domain In Ravenloft. For a century and a half, he had searched and fought for his freedom, and now, at last, it was at hand. To gain his long-sought freedom, all he had ...

    • / Science Fiction
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  • Will they find salvation--or their ultimate destruction?

    Still lost in uncharted space, the Robinsons land the Jupiter Two on an Earthlike planet that has suffered a mysterious disaster. There is apparently no one alive. Roa...

  • A DAY IN THE LIFE OF COUNT DRACULA Brain Stoker's immortal tale of vampirism told the story of how Count Vlad Tepes came to London and met his demise at the hands of Abraham van Helsing's vampire hunters. But how did Dracula occupy his time when he ...

  • The first time Jeremy died, his body was mangled almost beyond recognition in an airliner crash on an isolated mountainside. But something found him there, something that had fallen to a lifeless earth billions of years ago. It entered him. It studie...

  • GRAVE DOUBTS When local history teacher Lou Cameron disappears, Farrell County sheriff Frank Decker is puzzled by accusations of embezzlement, even if they do come from wealthy and influential Nathaniel Wetherston, whose family has owned half of F...

  • THE MACHINE AGE After the apparent death of James T. Kirk on the U.S.S. Enterpris NCC-1701-B, Montgomery Scott decides to leave Starfleet. A chance encounter with a mysterious woman named Guinan leads him to hitch a ride on the U.S.S. Jenolen -- whi...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Gene DeWeese has published 22 books.

Gene DeWeese does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Engines of Destiny, was published in March 2005.

The first book by Gene DeWeese, Major Corby and the Unidentified Flapping Object, was published in January 1979.

Yes. Gene DeWeese has 1 series.