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    23 Books (3 Series)
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    November 2013
  • Latest Book:
    August 2023
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Full Series List in Order

Coletti Warlords

1 - Just My Luck ()
2 - The Warlord's Comeuppance ()
3 - Vexing Voss (Nov-2013)
4 - Reality Bites (Jul-2014)
5 - Just Desserts (Jun-2015)
6 - Wulf and the Bounty Hunter (Oct-2016)
7 - Game On Askole (Jul-2017)
8 - Crossing Quinn (Dec-2017)
9 - Hothar's Folly (Nov-2018)
10 - Sassing Saul (May-2019)
11 - Defying the Relic Hunter (Jan-2020)
12 - Arresting the Warlord (Jun-2020)
13 - Stealing Jia (Nov-2020)
14 - Courting Mayhem (Nov-2021)
15 - Jinxing the Warlord (Apr-2022)
16 - Forever Askole (Aug-2022)
17 - The Warlord's Stormy Skye (Jan-2023)

Deputy Gemma Stone

1 - Stilettos and Sniper Rifles (Aug-2023)


1 - Shenanigans (Apr-2018)
2 - The Trouble With Tigers (Sep-2019)

Book List in Order: 23 titles

  • For Voss, a Coletti Warlord, conquering the universe is a piece of cake. After all, he's a master of psychic seduction; no one can resist him when he sets his mind to it. Zoey Jones is determined to find her mother's killer. Surrendering to a fier...

  • Kaylee knew being a Coletti Warlord's mate wasn't going to be easy. Not only was Talree downright scary, he had a bossy streak a mile long and collected enemies like most men collected lovers. But while Kaylee's life might not be perfect, Talree trul...

  • Everyone calls Mariah Smith the Judge. No, she doesn't wear a black robe or sit on a bench. She provides a unique service to those who have been wronged. She's an expert in paybacks both psychic and magical.Mariah's next target is the famous supermod...

  • Wulf knows Yakira is his soulmate. Now he just needs to convince her. But with intergalactic terrorists on Yakira’s trail, there’s little time for romance. What’s a hot-blooded Coletti warlord to do?Yakira feels safe and cherished with Wulf, bu...

  • Kandi Cain inherited her Dr. Doolittle abilities from her grandmother and became a psychic pet detective. To her dismay, she just acquired the power to communicate with the spirit world, but dead people give her the willies. Just when Kandi thought ...

  •  Undercover psychic investigator Casey Jones meets her new partner at eight thousand feet, when Hothar is suddenly wrapped around her like a limpet. He declares he has come to rescue her from a watery death. All the butthead is going to accomplish i...

  • Annie used to believe in all that happily ever after crap, until the day she found out her Prince Charming husband was a conman with a wandering eye. On the same day she booted him to the curb, an alien fleet double-parked over Earth and life as she ...

  • Lions and tigers and skunks, oh my! Kandi Cain’s a psychic pet detective. Her cases range from wrangling baby goats, to finding lost critters. Her current case is rescuing a lion from a Nigerian warlord. Kandi knew dressing up as a demonic clown an...

  • Kizzy sees dead people, but she's a thief and talking to dead folks is about as useful as a three-legged horse. The Dragos clan booted her out when her year's take was a lousy five hundred and sixty credits. The only way back in is to pull off a mill...

  • CeeCee Tsosie is a Navajo Nation police officer and shaman with the ability to control the weather. She’ll admit arresting Jake Jones, a Coletti Warlord, for speeding was not one of her better decisions. But hey, the law was the law and the dro...

  • Jia grew up in an orphanage that turned children into master thieves and gave the school of hard knocks a run for its money. Jia’s psychic talents have kept her alive, but not out of trouble. While searching for her adopted brother, Jia finds h...

  • When she was barely eight, Mayhem’s berserker powers surfaced and wherever she went, pandemonium soon followed. To teach her control, and keep her from destroying the known universe, her fathers started a training program tailored to MayhemR...

  • My name is Jinx Tuva. To say my early childhood was rough is putting it mildly. I grew up on the isolated mining world of Cygnus. The total population is a whopping three thousand. Loneliness was my constant companion. I dreamed of having friends, me...

  • My name is Ella McAllister, I’m a psychic witch and a healer. My life is kinda nuts. Not only do I have the Coletti hunters chasing me, but now I also have a very determined Askole High Commander after me. Why? I shot his ship down and it crash...

  • My name is Skye McAllister, I’m a psychic witch and a healer. My life is a rollercoaster ride of craziness. My unique electrical powers have a bunch of alien males eyeing me like I’m prime rib at an all-you-can-eat banquet.If that wasn...

  • I’ve been a Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputy for four years. Most folks don’t have a clue about what a cop deals with every day. Like a pack of attack chihuahuas, a monkey with a bad case of diarrhea, a hungry python, a Brahma bull ...

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    Just call me Calamity Jane, wherever I go, trouble soon follows. Which makes my job as a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy a bit hazardous. From chasing down a bank robber to dealing with a cat burglar, or handling Sun City’s seniors who a...

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Gail Koger has published 23 books.

Gail Koger does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Stilettos and Sniper Rifles, was published in August 2023.

The first book by Gail Koger, Vexing Voss, was published in November 2013.

Yes. Gail Koger has 3 series.