The Kindled Fire



  • Contemporary

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Nicholas was a lot older than Penny, and before he asked her to marry him he had decided it would be a good idea if they separated for a year or two, to give Penny a chance to spread her wings before settling down. But was it such a good idea after all?

Mills & Boon

Nicholas and Penny had fallen in love when she was still a teenager and he was almost thirty - and although Nicholas knew that his feelings would not change, it was possible that Penny's would. So he suggested that they part for a year or two, to give Penny a chance to spread her wings, maybe meet other men, and really be sure of her feelings for him.
All that had been three years ago, and now here was Penny, back again in New Zealand where Nicholas was waiting to greet her. But was he...? It was Angeline Dare who met her, Angeline who made the excuses that all added up to the fact that Nicholas was not particulary eager for the reunion. Penny's feelings had not changed - but what had happened to Nicholas?
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