Book List in Order: 33 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Bride Adventures of the Wealthy Matthews Sisters

1) Emma: A Bride for Doctor Aaron (Nov-2015)
2) Ruby: A Bride for Coal Miner Marcus (Nov-2015)
3) Amy: A Bride for Rancher Jack (Nov-2015)
4) Jade: A Bride for Clockmaker Lucas (Dec-2015)

Bride Adventures of the Four Michaels Sisters

1) Annie: A Bride for Mischievous Charlie (Feb-2017)
2) Melody: A Bride for Wealthy E.G. Shipley (Mar-2017)
3) Rose: A Bride for 'Scar Face' Colin (Apr-2017)
4) Penny: A Bride for Preacher Paul (May-2017)

Bride Adventures for the Parrish Family

1) Camilla: A Bride For Aidan (Aug-2016)
2) Grace: A Bride for Deputy Rowan (Sep-2016)
3) Diedre: A Bride for James (Sep-2016)
4) Tess: A Bride for Zach (Oct-2016)

Christmas Bride Adventures of the Rollins Family

1) Rebecca's Christmas Story (Nov-2016)
2) Louie's Christmas Story (Nov-2016)
3) Suzanne's Christmas Story (Dec-2016)
4) Victoria's Christmas Story (Dec-2016)

Historical Western Christmas

1) The Special Christmas Bride (Dec-2015)
2) Laura's Christmas Miracle (Dec-2015)

Holly Heston's Mail Order Bride Agency

1) Lilly's Challenge (May-2016)
2) Gwen & Kit's Journey (May-2016)
3) Aletha's Surprise Destiny (Jun-2016)
4) Belinda's Divine Encounter (Jul-2016)

Mail Order Brides for the Spring Valley Ranchers

1) Christina: A Bride for Rancher Bryan (Sep-2015)
2) Millie: A Bride for Ranch Foreman Nathan (Sep-2015)
3) Katie: A Bride for Ranch Hand J.C. (Sep-2015)
4) Victoria: A Bride for Ranch Hand Joey (Oct-2015)

Mail Order Brides for the Reed Brothers

1) Jane: A Bride for Cowboy Beau (Feb-2016)
2) Leila: A Bride for Cowboy Carter (Feb-2016)
3) Mary: A Bride for Cowboy Nick (Mar-2016)
4) Eva: A Bride for Cowboy Finn (Mar-2016)

Wild West Frontier Love

1) Misled Bride Meets Misled Sheriff (Aug-2015)
2) The Kidnapped Bride (Aug-2015)