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    Dark Fantasy


    Dark Apostle - 5

    In this fifth and final installment of The Dark Apostle, barber-surgeon-turned-sorcerer Elisha must save plague-stricken England from its path of destruction--or risk succumbing to the very dark magic he is trying to eradicate. Elisha was once a l...

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    Epic Fantasy


    Dark Apostle - 4

    Elisha was once a skilled barber-surgeon, but healing is no longer his finest art. After discovering his exceptional potential for a singularly deadly magic, Elisha has slain a king, stopped a war, and even had the regency thrust upon his own commone...

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    Dark Fantasy


    Dark Apostle - 3

    Elisha was a skillful barber-surgeon, cutting hair and stitching wounds for poor peasants like himself in 14th century London. But that was before catastrophe ruined his family. Before he was falsely accused of murder, and sent to die in an unjust wa...

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    Dark Apostle - 0

    1307, Carlisle, England Young Allyson is the first to hear of the death of King Edward II during a battle with the Scots—but cannot reveal her knowledge lest she be exposed as a witch. When the man she loves, a Templar, returns from France with new...

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    Dark Fantasy


    Dark Apostle - 2

    Elisha, a barber-surgeon from the poorest streets of benighted fourteenth-century London, has come a long way from home. He was always skilled at his work, but skill alone could not protect him on the day that disaster left his family ruined and Elis...

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    Dark Fantasy


    Dark Apostle - 1

    England in the fourteenth century: a land of poverty and opulence, prayer and plague...witchcraft and necromancy. As a child, Elisha witnessed the burning of a witch outside of London, and saw her transformed into an angel at the moment of her de...

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    Dark Fantasy


    Dark Apostle - 0.5

    The Dark Apostle is a powerful, energetic historical fantasy series set in an alternate 14th century England: a land of poverty and opulence, prayer and plague... witchcraft and necromancy. As a child, Elisha witnessed the burning of a witch outsid...

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