Book List in Order: 146 titles

Complete Series List in Order

The Book of Maladies

1) Wasting (Jan-2018)
2) Broken (Mar-2018)
3) Poisoned (Mar-2018)
4) Tormina (Apr-2018)
5) Comatose (Jun-2018)
6) Amnesia (Jun-2018)
7) Exsanguinated (May-2018)

The Chain Breaker

1) The Risen Shard (Sep-2020)
2) The Jade Egg (Oct-2020)
3) The Fates of Yoran (Dec-2020)
4) The Stone Wolf (Mar-2021)
5) The Paper Dragon (Jun-2021)
6) The Order Returns (Sep-2021)
7) A Blade and a Ring (Feb-2022)
8) A Champion Falls (May-2022)

The Cloud Warrior Saga

0.5) Chasing the Wind (Jul-2015)
1) Chased by Fire (Oct-2014)
2) Bound by Fire (Feb-2015)
2.5) Drowned by Water - Pt 1 (Jun-2015)
2.5) Deceived by Water - Pt 2 (Aug-2015)
3) Changed by Fire (Feb-2015)
4) Fortress of Fire (Apr-2015)
5) Forged in Fire (Jun-2015)
6) Serpent of Fire (Sep-2015)
7) Servant of Fire (Nov-2015)
8) Born of Fire (May-2016)
9) Broken of Fire (Aug-2016)
10) Light of Fire (Apr-2017)
11) Cycle of Fire (Apr-2017)

The Collector Chronicles

1) Shadow Hunted (Nov-2017)
2) Shadow Games (Dec-2017)
3) Shadow Trapped (Dec-2017)

The Dark Ability

1) The Dark Ability (Jan-2016)
2) The Heartstone Blade (Jan-2016)
3) The Tower of Venass (Feb-2016)
4) Blood of the Watcher (Apr-2016)
5) The Shadowsteel Forge (Jul-2016)
6) The Guild Secret (Aug-2016)
7) Rise of the Elder (Apr-2017)

The Dark Sorcerer

1) Festival of Mourn (Apr-2021)
2) A City in Ruin (Apr-2021)
3) Smoke and Memories (May-2021)
4) A Society in Decay (Jan-2022)
5) Last of the Light (Apr-2022)

The Dragon Misfits

1) Ice Dragon (Jan-2020)
2) Iron Dragon (Jan-2020)
3) Forest Dragon (Feb-2020)
4) Storm Dragon (May-2020)
5) Mist Dragon (Aug-2020)
6) Night Dragon (Nov-2020)

The Dragon Thief

1) Path of the Flame (Jul-2021)
2) Within the Dragon's Jaw (Aug-2021)
3) Smoke and Shadow (Aug-2021)
4) The Obsidian Dragon (Nov-2021)
5) The Dragon King (Jan-2022)

The Dragonwalker

1) Dragon Bones (Jun-2018)
2) Dragon Blessed (Jul-2018)
3) Dragon Rise (Aug-2018)
4) Dragon Bond (Sep-2018)
5) Dragon Storm (Oct-2018)
6) Dragon Rider (Nov-2018)
7) Dragon Sight (Dec-2018)

The Elder Stones Saga

1) The Darkest Revenge (Jan-2019)
2) Shadows Within the Flame (Feb-2019)
3) Remnants of the Lost (Mar-2019)
4) The Coming Chaos (Jun-2019)
5) The Depth of Deceit (Jul-2019)
6) The Council of Elders (Dec-2019)
7) A Threat Revealed (Feb-2020)

Elemental Academy

1) The Fire Within (Apr-2019)
2) The Earth Awakens (Apr-2019)
3) The Water Ruptures (May-2019)
4) The Wind Rages (Jul-2019)
5) The Spirit Binds (Aug-2019)
6) The Chaos Rises (Nov-2019)
7) The Elements Bond (Nov-2019)

The Elemental Warrior

1) The Shape of Fire (Jun-2020)
2) A Fading Fire (Jun-2020)
3) A Fire Reborn (Aug-2020)
4) A Surge of Fire (Sep-2020)

The Endless War

1) Journey of Fire and Night (Oct-2016)
2) Darkness Rising (Jul-2016)
3) Endless Night (Oct-2016)
4) Summoner's Bond (Oct-2016)
5) Seal of Light (Jan-2017)

The Executioner's Song

1) The Executioner's Right (Jan-2021)
2) The Executioner's Apprentice (Jan-2021)
3) The Executioner's Blade (Feb-2021)
4) The Executioner's Rebellion (Jun-2021)
5) The Master Executioner (Dec-2021)

First of the Blade

1) Unbonded (Oct-2021)
2) Unseen (Oct-2021)
3) Unlocked (Nov-2021)
4) Unknown (Mar-2022)

The Lost Garden

1) Keeper of the Forest (Oct-2014)
2) The Desolate Bond (Dec-2014)
3) Keeper of Light (Mar-2015)

The Lost Prophecy

1) The Threat of Madness (Jan-2017)
2) The Warrior Mage (Jan-2017)
3) Tower of the Gods (Mar-2017)
4) Twist of the Fibers (Aug-2017)
5) The Lost City (Aug-2017)
6) The Last Conclave (Aug-2017)
7) The Gift of Madness (Sep-2017)
8) The Great Betrayal (Nov-2017)

The Painter Mage

1) Shifted Agony (Apr-2015)
2) Arcane Mark (May-2015)
3) Painter For Hire (Jul-2015)
4) Stolen Compass (Oct-2015)
5) Stone Dragon (Apr-2017)

The Shadow Accords

1) Shadow Blessed (Oct-2016)
2) Shadow Cursed (Oct-2016)
3) Shadow Born (Nov-2016)
4) Shadow Lost (Jun-2017)
5) Shadow Cross (Jun-2017)
6) Shadow Found (Jun-2017)

The Sighted Assassin

1) The Binder's Game (Aug-2017)
1.1) A Game of Tsatsun (Feb-2016)
1.2) The Watcher's Eyes (Feb-2016)
2) The Forgotten (Aug-2017)
3) Assassin's End (Aug-2017)

A Story of the Forgotten

So It Has Been Said (Jun-2013)
The Durven (Jun-2013)
The Dam (Jul-2013)
A Poisoned Deceit (Sep-2013)
The Painted Girl: An Assassin's Sight Story (Sep-2013)
A Forgotten Return (Feb-2015)

The Teralin Sword

1) Soldier Son (Mar-2017)
2) Soldier Sword (Aug-2017)
3) Soldier Sworn (Oct-2017)
4) Soldier Saved (Oct-2017)
5) Soldier Scarred (Dec-2017)
6) Soldier Song (Dec-2018)

The Volatar Saga

1) The Edge of Darkness (Mar-2020)
2) A Power Awakened (Apr-2020)
3) The Bonds of War (May-2020)
4) The Raging Tide (Jul-2020)
5) The Place of Knowing (Sep-2020)