• 1900's-1910's
  • 20th Century


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After months in the dust and grime of Arizona, Trilby longed more than ever for the cool, green bayous of her ancestral home....

But the family mansion in Louisiana was a long way from where she found herself--in an isolated wooden frame house near the Arizona/Mexico border. The dusty cowboys seemed barbaric, and war with Mexico brewed in her own backyard.

If life was hard, Thorn Vance made it almost unbearable. The rough, sexy cowboy had somehow decided Trilby was the kind who gave freely of her charms...and he wanted his share. He frightened her, but she refused to give him the satisfaction of showing it.

Arizona in 1910 was a rough and dangerous place, but nothing was as treacherous as Thorn, who unleashed a burning sensuality that both alarmed and intrigued her. Although she tried to deny it, not even the wide expanse of the desert could contain the explosive heat that threatened to consume them both....
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