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    7 Books (2 Series)
  • First Book:
    December 2004
  • Latest Book:
    March 2007
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Full Series List in Order

Dawn of War

1 - Dawn of War (Dec-2004)
2 - Ascension (Dec-2005)
3 - Tempest (Oct-2006)

Death Watch

1 - Warrior Brood (Sep-2005)
2 - Warrior Coven (Jun-2006)

Multi-Author Series List


Eldar Prophecy (Mar-2007)


2 - Salvation (Jun-2005)

Warhammer 40,000

Dawn of War (Dec-2004)
Warrior Brood (Sep-2005)
Ascension (Dec-2005)
Warrior Coven (Jun-2006)
Tempest (Oct-2006)
Eldar Prophecy (Mar-2007)

Warhammer Universe

Dawn of War (Dec-2004)
Warrior Brood (Sep-2005)
Ascension (Dec-2005)
Warrior Coven (Jun-2006)
Tempest (Oct-2006)
Eldar Prophecy (Mar-2007)

Book List in Order: 7 titles

  • BROTHER-CAPTAIN GABRIEL ANGELOS of the Blood Ravens Space Marines throws his men into a last ditch defense of Tartarus - a planet with a long and troubled history. A brutal ork invasion has left the world in ruins, and there are more ancient evils ...

  • Zefer Tyranus is an inquisitive man and an able administrator. His family has been in the service of the Noble House Ko'iron for generations, acting as curators, record keepers and occasionally spies for the famed scholars and poets of that glorious ...

  • It is the 41st millennium and the world of Herodian IV is as good as lost. The nightmarish tyranid hive fleets have descended from the depths of space and are swiftly devouring every living thing on the planet. When Inquisitor Kalypsia and the Deat...

  • The truth could destroy them all FRESH FROM DAWN of War, the Black Library's adaptation of the best-selling THQ computer game (voted "Real Time Strategy Game of the Year 2004" by Computer & Video Games magazine), the Blood Ravens Space Marines race ...

  • Second novel of the series. When an ancient pact is invoked, the Deathwatch Space Marines must put aside their prejudices to battle alongside the alien eldar to protect the galaxy from an even greater menace.


  • Battling to save the Blood Ravens, precious gene-seed, Librarian Rhamah is sucked into the Eye of Terror and crashes down onto a bizarre planet of alien libraries and museums, an ancient eldar world hidden in the tempests of the warp. His battle-brot...

  • The secrets of the ancient eldar are revealed! ISOLATED AND ALONE, the eldar craftworld Kaelor fl through the dark reaches of space. When the youth eldar warrior Naois finally comes of age, he is unaware a dark destiny that lies on his shoulders. Ha...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

C.S. Goto has published 7 books.

C.S. Goto does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Eldar Prophecy, was published in March 2007.

The first book by C.S. Goto, Dawn of War, was published in December 2004.

Yes. C.S. Goto has 2 series.