Matters of the Heart



  • 1940's-1950's
  • 1960's-1970's
  • Contemporary


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They were the unforgettable, passionate men and women bound together by an era of turmoil and tears, by ties of blood and passion, by a search for love, happiness and fulfillment...

FRANCES ... A beautiful, proud Englishwoman torn between her dreams of romance and the reality of her marriage, about to be swept into a malestrom of secrets; betrayal and forbidden sensuality.

HADLEIGH ... The daughter, alone and vulnerable, too hungry for love to know the difference between caring and desire.

ARTHUR ... The husband, obsessed with a woman he should never forgive, but whom he cannot forget ... or stop wanting.

AMANDA ... The other woman, very lovely, very desirable, very devious, ready to fight for the man she loves ready to destroy the rival she hates.

Sweeping across decades, from war-torn London to the promising landscapes of New York and Connecticut, from the stormy secrets of the soul to ... MATTERS OF THE HEART.
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