Vampire Lover



  • Contemporary


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The kiss of death?

Clare had thought that Denzil Black was intent on seducing her sister -- after her best friend had already fallen prey to his charms. It was almost as if the film director were a vampire lover, moving from one woman to another, and leaving them drained and helpless. Then Clare began to suspect that she was next on Denzil's list of conquests -- but not if SHE could help it.... This time, Denzil Black would know what it was like to be the victim of love!

Mills & Boon

‘I was the toy you were playing with just used me for one of your boy's games. Well two can play games now it's you who's the toy!'

Denzil Black was the vampire lover- moving from one helpless woman to another. Now he was after Clare's sister or was it Clare herself? Well this time Clare was determined it was about time he knew what it felt like to be a lover's victim!
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