Master of Comus



  • Contemporary


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'There is another way,' Argon said. And Leonie felt that anything was better than his intention of disinheriting her cousin, Paul, in her favor.

For twenty years her mother's Greek family had ignored Leonie's existence. Then suddenly her ailing great-grandfather had expressed a wish to see her, to make amends.

All her life she had secretly hero-worshipped her playboy cousin - now he was being offered to her as a husband. Paul's acceptance of the suggestion, however, came as a complete surprise!

Mills & Boon

For the sake of her family's fortunes Leonie had agreed to an arranged marriage with her cousin Paul. Paul was handsome, rich and charming, and Leonie had always hero-worshipped him - so on the face of it she wasn't making such a sacrifice, and there seemed a reasonable chance that in time the two of them might make a success of the marriage. But Paul had never been a one-woman man, to put it mildly, and nothing about his behaviour suggested that marriage had changed him. Particularly where the beautiful but malicious Diane Irvine was concerned.
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