Twice And For Always



  • Contemporary


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July 19, 1983...
The Kinards, the Richardses and the Webbers--Seattle's Kennedys. Their "compound"--elegant Forrester Square...until the fateful night that tore these families apart.

Twenty years later...
Their children were reunited. Repressed memories and family secrets were about to be revealed. And one person was out to make sure they never remembered....

When Meg Bassett and Brody Taylor divorced, their fraternal twins were only infants. Brody was about to move to Ireland, and joint custody would have only created upheaval in their children's lives. So Meg and Brody each took a twin...and they became single parents. It was a big mistake.

Five years later Meg moved to Seattle, unaware that Brody had just moved there, too -- and that both twins were enrolled at Forrester Day Care! How to tell the kids their new best friend was their sibling? And how to tell each other they were still in love?
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