Out Of Uniform by Catherine Mann
Always a or out of uniform

Natural-born warrior Jacob Stone never ignored a lady in distress. So when a stunning brunette clad only in a cocktail dress stumbled to his doorstep, the off-duty air force sergeant went into protector mode. But could he really believe Dee's claims that she'd lost her memory...or was her amnesia a ruse to hide a dangerous secret?

For someone had certainly set their sights on getting rid of Dee. Yet they hadn't counted on Jacob's resolve. Dee was his responsibility. Even more...she'd become integral to his next breath. And no one messed with his lady.
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Out of Uniform by Catherine Mann (SIM 1501 - 2/08 )
[Wingmen Warriors - 14] (B Subtle+)


This military romance examines a heroine with amnesia and gives us a modern day knight in shining armor.

My experience with amnesia stories is limited. I thought Ms. Mann had an interesting slant with Dee coping with her loss of memory. It actually worked in her favor because the new Dee didn't have the low self-esteem of her pre-amnesia self. It was like starting over with a clean slate in that respect. She's living in the moment but then there reaches a point where she can't go forward romantically without knowing who's in her past.

As the story unfolds, Dee is in danger and the natural born protector Jacob, who is on medical leave from a wound to his arm, is juggling responsibilities of his unmarried and teenage mother also.
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