The Gamble



  • 19th Century
  • American West


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Bestselling authors Susan Mallery, Bronwyn Williams, and Carolyn Davidson bring you three brand-new stories about Montana's most popular family -- the Kincaids, men and women who carved out lives in Big Sky Country and found true love in Whitehorn, Montana.

Mallery, Susan - "Spirit of the Wolf"
Legendary rancher Caleb Kincaid discovers love is sweeter the second time around in the arms of an old flame.

Williams, Bronwyn - "As Good As Gold"
Younger brother Will woos the townspeople to his bank with the help of a sassy saloon girl who has a head for business and pleasure.

Davidson, Carolyn - "The Gamble"
Black sheep cousin James saves a schoolteacher from bandits and soon discovers she's stolen his heart!
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