A Mourning Wedding



  • 1920's-1930's
  • 20th Century


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Carola Dunn's inimitable sleuth, the Honorable Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher, returns in another delightfully witty mystery set in 1920s England, where she must unearth a cunning adversary who views a wedding party as an invitation to murder...

Everyone loves a wedding, and not even a nasty bout of morning sickness could keep Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher away when the bride-to-be is her childhood friend, Lucy Fotheringay. But the nuptials take a somber turn when lucy's great-aunt, Lady Eva Devenish, is strangled in her bed. There's no shortage of likely suspects: Lady Eva collected scandalous gossip on the upper crust, and then there are those who stand to benefit financially from Lady Eva's demise--a list that includes Lucy. But Daisy's friend may have more to fear than unjust accusations. Before Detective Chief Inspector Alex Fletcher can get to the bottom of Lady Eva's death, Lucy's uncle dies in suspicious circumstances. Has one of the branches of the Fotheringay family tree turned poisonous, or is there a murderous stranger on the premises? Either way, Daisy and Alex will need to move quickly to stop a killer intent on turning a celebration into a funeral...
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