Stephanie: Heart of Gold



  • 19th Century
  • 1840's-1850's


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Share the dream, as the beautiful hope chest passes to a new generation and a young woman dares to follow her heart on a dangerous voyage in pursuit of true love.

Baltimore 1850
Stephanie is crushed when she discovers that her father has sent the man she loves to California to follow the gold rush. But dismay quickly turns to daring defiance as a furious Stephanie boldly heads for the docks, stows away on a ship headed for the west coast, and eagerly anticipates a grand, romantic adventure. Never did she imagine that her escapade would be a terrifying journey through relentless storms, near-fatal accidents, and hardships she had never known...or that the end of her voyage would be the beginning of the journey of a lifetime, and the discovery of the love of her life.

Follow the excitement, historic adventure and young love as the hope chest passes from one generation to the next in Hearts and Dreams.
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