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    6 Books
  • First Book:
    August 1996
  • Latest Book:
    February 2021
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Book List in Order: 6 titles

  • in 3rd Culprit (Worldwide)

    Crime in all its devious incarnations is presented in this treat of murderous morsels dished out by old ppros and promising newcomers. Artfully crafted and impossible to put down, each story bountifully demooonstrates why these authors are la creme d...

  • A rogue comet traverses the orbit of Earth bringing with it a microscopic alien life-form that changes the processing power of the human brain and throws civilization back to the stone-age.Human beings are no longer at the top of the food chain and t...

  • An eclectic flock of sixteen science fiction stories by Bob Lock. Ranging from a pixel pixie, the virtual reality lover of a crippled boy, to squids in space, to gene-spliced human and animal creatures, to a robot in love, to a strange first contact ...

  • A series of short stories to help you survive the unavoidable zombie apocalypse that is just around the corner, go take a look if you don't believe, but then don't come crying to me when you peep around and get your face bitten off...Contains stories...

  • Humankind finally achieves a method of space travel that enables them to explore our galaxy. However, whilst on a routine transport mission, a cargo ship 'folds space' too close to a planetary body causing a catastrophic accident and ends up projecti...

  • Cooper Jones is an alcoholic with a super-power, he is an empath, almost able to read minds ... almost! He's also a Swansea traffic warden and doesn't have to read minds to know what people think of him. However, he had no idea how hated he was until...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bob Lock has published 6 books.

Bob Lock does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Empathy Effect, was published in February 2021.

The first book by Bob Lock, The Christmas Present, was published in August 1996.

No. Bob Lock does not write books in series.