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    March 2000
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    October 2011
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  • The narrator of the Scepticism Inc. was made on the 3rd of November 2022 in an industrial estate on the outskirts of Chelmsford. After the three weeks of his childhood he's sent to work in a ShopALot store. He's a supermarket troll...

  • A masterpiece of religious parody in the tradition of Kurt Vonnegut.

    Japs Eye Fontanelle, an 88-year-old overweight, retired Japanese kamikaze pilot, insists that he is the rightful king of the Holy Channel Island of Jersey. He also claims ...

  • ""A compact collection of more than 1,500 of Fowler's fulsome and funny fulminations against faith. Fowler follows in the foot steps of anti-theological philosophers like Nietzsche. Yes life can seem quite meaningless, and there's nowhere w"...

  • Father Herbert and his brothers had been making Glow-In-The-Dark-Crucifixes for the glory of God in their little friary in the middle of nowhere in particular for as long as anyone could remember.Until one rainy Sunday morning.That particular morning...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bo Fowler has published 4 books.

Bo Fowler does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Philosophy of Stars, was published in October 2011.

The first book by Bo Fowler, Scepticism Inc., was published in March 2000.

No. Bo Fowler does not write books in series.