Luck of the Draw



  • Contemporary


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He may get a second chance at his one true love -- if someone doesn't kill her first

When Garrett Sterling leaves for a horseback ride through his family's sprawling Montana property, he's expecting a relaxing break from the construction at the Sterling guest ranch. What he gets is something far more sinister. It all happens so fast that it's hard for Garrett -- and the authorities -- to sort out the facts. Two things are certain, though: someone is dead and the killer knows there was a witness.

But when the one woman he could never forget emerges as a key suspect in the investigation, Garrett will do anything he can to help clear her name. She's still keeping secrets from him -- that much is clear. But Garrett won't rest until he uncovers what really happened that day, how she's involved -- and why everything she's ever told him is a lie.
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