Only Make-Believe



  • Contemporary


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The Bride was pretending.
The Groom was, too.
The Wedding was real--the second time!

Nikki didn't really want to impersonate Caressa, one of the world's most famous women, in a fake "celebrity wedding." But she'd go through the charade of marrying Gil Chandler, the man pretending to be Caressa's fiance, if it meant she could say goodbye to the seedy nightclub she'd been forced to call home. Nikki could finally start a new life with the money Caressa was willing to pay.

The elaborately staged ceremony might fool the press and divert the paparazzi's attention from Caressa's real wedding, but could Nikki convince herself that her growing attraction to Gil was only make-believe? Or could this be the dress rehearsal for the real thing?

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