The Reluctant Bride



  • 19th Century
  • 1880's-1890's


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By the Sea,
By the Sea

The Pemberton Arms would have long since crumbled but for the cockeyed optimism of Molly Hughes. She dreamed of a chance to restore the old seaside hotel. the only home she'd ever known. That chance was suddenly within her reach--depending on how she handled the good-looking, insufferable Englishman who meant to sell off her beloved "Pent."

These Americans! Nicholas was positively howled over by their zest for life. Unfortunately, no amount of zest could save the ramshackle nightmare he'd inherited, charming Molly Hughes notwithstanding. Before he weakened any further, he'd conclude his business and sail home--posthaste!

Molly had a surprise in store for Nicholas....
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