Sweet Revenge



  • Contemporary

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The Conde, with his looks, his money, his castle in Portugal, was not the kind of man who could forgive anyone who tried to deceive him. When Toni Morley attempted to do just that, the Conde proceeded to exact a very subtle revenge.

"Look," said Toni, "I don't know what you think I am or what you think you can do to me, but I will not stay here, and you can't make me!"

"Oh, I think I can, senhorita."


The Conde smiled. "When Paul left here several days ago I gave him a certain sum of money. I did this purposely, for two reasons. To get rid of him, and to adjure you to stay."

"How could making Paul leave adjure me to stay?" Toni demanded.

"The money is the key. It would be an easy matter to contact the British police and tell them that Paul stole that money. It was quite easy to make it appear as though some money had been taken from my safe..."
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