Waves of Fire



  • Contemporary

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It was five years now since Shani had married Andreas Manou -- but the marriage had been in name only and she had not seen him since the wedding day. And now Shani was planning to marry again -- and Andreas had chosen this moment to coma back into her life .. .

This lawyer of yours apparently believes an annulment will be simple. Did you tell him we were married in England?"

Shani's spirits began to sink, even while she obstinately refused to admit that Andreas had the power to keep her bound to him.

"He knows we were married in England, yes."

"And yet he believes he can obtain an annulment for you." Andreas shook his head. "Only can annul the marriage -- you are not in a position to do so, whatever you, or this lawyer, might think to the contrary."

"You?" She stared at him. "But I'm the Injured party. I was forced Into marriage -- black-mailed!"

"Don't talk rubbish! You married me willingly. I'm the injured party! I've offered you a home and you've refused to live with me. In the eyes of the law I'm the one with the grievance; consequently it is only I who can annul the marriage."
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