By Fountains Wild



  • Contemporary

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"What is there in marriage for a woman? I wouldn't marry the best man breathing!" declared Kim Mayfields--and meant it. Married women, she was convinced, were downtrodden, exploited, at the mercy of their selfish husbands, and she wanted no part of it.

So she was ready to lend a sympathetic ear to her friend Vicky, when Vicky begged for her help in ending her engagement to the formidable-sounding Julian Parnell. Kim evolved what she thought was a brilliant plot to corn promise Julian and get Vicky out of the impossible situation; but the plot misfired or a grand scale and instead Kim found herself whisked off to the middle of Wales with Julian, married against her will to a man she scarcely knew and certainly did not care for.

Was Kim's own marriage going to turnout like all those others she so despised?
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