Alison Anderson

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  • Literary


    What if Anton Chekhov, undisputed master of the short story, actually wrote a novel -- and the manuscript  still existed? This tantalizing possibility drives "The Summer Guest," a spellbinding narrative that draws together, across two centuries, the...



  • General Fiction


    Alison Anderson's Darwin's Wink is the story of an exquisite romance between two naturalists working to save a rare bird species on an island off the coast of Mauritius. Both are devastated by their pasts: Fran mourns the unexplained death of her Mau...



  • Fantasy


    When a near shipwreck strands a young couple on an uncharted island in the Pacific, they encounter a mysterious woman who may or may not be the legendary aviator Amelia Earhart but who has been stranded on the remote strip of land for more than forty...



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