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    33 Books - 2 Series
  • First Book:
    June 1977
  • Latest Book:
    August 2021
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Full Series List in Order


Carl Goes Shopping (Oct-1989)
Carl's Christmas (Oct-1990)
Carl's Masquerade (Oct-1992)
Carl's Afternoon in the Park (Nov-1992)
Carl Goes to Daycare (Oct-1993)
Carl Pops Up (Sep-1994)
Carl's Birthday (Nov-1995)
Good Dog, Carl (Sep-1997)
Follow Carl! (Sep-1998)
Carl's Sleepy Afternoon (Oct-2005)
You're a Good Dog, Carl (Oct-2007)
Carl's Summer Vacation (Jun-2008)
Carl's Snowy Afternoon (Nov-2009)
Carl and the Baby Duck (May-2011)
Carl and the Puppies (May-2011)
Carl and the Kitten (Nov-2011)
Carl at the Dog Show (Jan-2012)
Carl and the Sick Puppy (Jun-2012)
Carl and the Lost Kitten (Feb-2015)
Carl's Halloween (Aug-2015)
Good Dog Carl and the Baby Elephant (Sep-2016)
Goodnight, Good Dog Carl (Jan-2019)

Frank and Ernest

1 - Frank and Ernest (Sep-1988)
2 - Frank and Ernest Play Ball (Apr-1990)
3 - Frank and Ernest on the Road (Feb-1994)

Book List in Order: 33 titles

  • First published in 1988 and now back by popular demand, Good Dog, Carl illustrator Alexandra Day’s Frank and Ernest is the entertaining tale of a bear and an elephant who learn to run a diner.  The charming illustrations of the Deco-era diner a...

  • Carl Goes Shopping is a beautifully illustrated children’s book in the Carl series from author/artist Alexandra Day featuring everyone’s favorite babysitting Rottweiler.

    When Carl is told to mind baby Madeleine at a department store, th...

  • Good Dog, Carl creator Alexandra Day’s dynamic duo Frank, a bear, and Ernest an elephant, are back, and this time must master the language of baseball during their stint as managers of the Elmville Mudcats- a minor league team.
    The animal pals ...

  • Join beloved babysitting Rottweiler Carl in author/artist Alexandra Day’s perfectly joyous holiday children’s picture book, Carl’s Christmas.

    After helping baby decorate the family tree, Carl and his charge share an adventure-filled C...

  • Carl, the baby, and a new puppy spend an eventful afternoon in the park, riding on a carousel, romping in the flowers, and visiting a children's zoo.

    The Carl board books are sure to be baby's best friends!

    Titles in this series:

  • Happy birthday, Carl! But can Mom surprise him? No way. As hard as Mom tries, Madeleine and her canine babysitter extraordinaire are hot on her trail, tasting the party punch, peeking at presents, and adding some of their own favorite decorations....

  • "This is a tale of timeless appeal--the original ""Carl"" book. Its pictures are so vivid and alive that hardly a word is needed to tell the story. An infant is left in the care of a dog while Mother is out. The two get into all sorts of mischief, bu...

  • Carl is back in his ninth adventure!

    Children barking at a squirrel in a tree? Carrying sticks in their mouths? Begging for food? Who could be responsible for such silly shenanigans except everybody's favorite baby-sitter, Carl, who takes a ...

  • Despite the fact that the puppy chews everything in sight, the little girl refuses to give up on him and asks her family to be patient since she knows that deep within is a good dog just waiting to be trained. 13,000 first printing....

  • With the arrival of spring, Taffy is hard at work delivering the mail to her friends and neighbors in the valley, but when it is realized that some residents never seem to get any mail, it is up to Taffy and her friends to create something special fo...

  • A new book to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Good Dog, Carl
    Carl is finally back! Once again, Alexandra Day has concocted a very busy day for the amazing and all-around resourceful Rottweiler Carl. His owner believes Carl is at home tak...

  • "Take good care of the baby, Carl."

    Mother knows she can trust Carl, a large and lovable Rottweiler, to watch over baby Madeleine. What she doesn't know is that the minute she's gone, Carl and the baby gallop off on adventures. In this colle...

  • Carl and Madeleine are supposed to be napping while Mom and Dad get the summer cabin ready for company, but this lovable canine and his charge have better things to do. They escape from the hammock to do some canoeing, pick blackberries, and enjoy...

  • When Madeleine's parents go to the Pond Party, they leave Carl and the baby at home for a cozy winter afternoon with a babysitter. But Carl and Madeleine have plans of their own― they want to play in the snow! After getting all bundled up, they ...

  • Mama Duck has lost one of her ducklings. Where could Baby Duck be? Mama Duck asks Carl for help. Will Carl be able to find Baby Duck?
    Alexandra Day's ever-popular dog, Carl, stars in this brand-new story created especially for beginning reader...

  • Mama Dog needs a rest. Carl offers to watch her puppies. Will he be able to keep three playful puppies out of trouble?
    Alexandra Day's beloved babysitter, Carl the dog, stars in this brand-new story created especially for beginning readers.

  • A kitten is stuck up in a tree. How is the kitten going to get down? Can Carl find a way to help the kitten get down from the tree safely?...

  • Madeleine’s mom has to help Carl's Cousin, Gamble, get ready to compete in his event at the dog show, and she tells Carl and Madeleine to meet her by the show ring. Do Carl and Madeleine listen? Of course not! They immediately set off to explore--t...

  • A young boy, Hector, has trouble differentiating the letters D and G. Thus when he writes a request to the universe that he needs a fairy godfather, well, the Fairy Dogfather arrives instead. The Fairy Dogfather is a big black and brown who wears a f...

  • Taking care of a sick child is not easy, and it’s no different for Carl. When he agrees to care for Daddy Dog’s sick puppy, Carl is run ragged by Puppy’s demands....

  • Mama Cat has lost her kitten at the farm, and Carl is ready to help find him. Is the kitten inside the barn? Is he hiding in the field? Maybe he has climbed a tree. With twelve sliding doors to open and peek behind, little readers can join in on this...

  • Mom has to go help Grandma, but it's Halloween, and Carl and Madeleine don't want to miss out on the fun. So after Mom leaves, they make their own costumes and go out trick-or-treating by themselves. They even stop in at a party to bob for apples bef...

  • Beloved children's icon Good Dog, Carl has his paws full with a mischievous baby elephant who likes backyard wading pools, playgrounds and fruit stands!Since Good Dog, Carl was published 30 years ago the series has sold well over a million books.The ...

  • Everyone's favorite babysitting dog is back, and this time he's putting the everybody to bed! In Goodnight, Good Dog Carl, Carl tucks everyone in, makes sure all is well in the house, as a Good Dog should, and then settles down to sleep himself. A su...

  • In this new adventure, beloved children's icon Carl has his paws full with a curious baby elephant who likes backyard wading pools, playgrounds, and fruit stands!This exciting story features iconic characters Carl and Madeleine as they visit a childr...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Alexandra Day has published 33 books.

Alexandra Day does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Good Dog Carl Visits the Zoo - Board Book, was published in August 2021.

The first book by Alexandra Day, Handbook of College Entrance Exams, was published in June 1977.

Yes. Alexandra Day has 2 series.