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    February 2017
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    October 2024
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  • Is there a better way to start a story than"No shit, there I was..."?If you hear that phrase, perk up, because you know you're in for a heck of a tale. That's how all the craziest - and most interesting - stories start.And then we told a bunch of aut...

  • Nata spends her time zipping through the black in her ugly yet bad-ass spaceship, taking pride in being the best smuggler the Imperial regime has never caught. When she takes on an expensive mystery cargo, however, the risk reaches far beyond her pri...

  • Captain Marta Ramos, the most notorious pirate in the Duchy of Denver, has her hands full between fascinating murder mysteries, the delectable and devious Deliah Nimowitz, Colonel Geoffrey Douglas (the Duke of Denver's new head of security), a spo...

  • Captain Marta Ramos, the most dangerous pirate in the Duchy of Denver, is back and she and Simms are up to their goggles in trouble. Has General del Toro found a way to use the Infected as an army and can Captain Ramos work with her arch enemy, Co...

  • The icy depths of Northrend hold secrets long untold! Mysterious, beautiful, and uncompromising, the crown of Azeroth is a continent filled with history, struggles, tragedies, and even triumphs. Join Explorers' Leauge cofounder and High Thane Muradin...

  • THE WINDS OF PANDARIA SING OF MYTH AND LEGEND! Tranquil and verdant, the ancient home of the pandaren is bursting with beauty, magic, and stories waiting to be told. Join The Wild Dog, Li Li Stormstout, her uncle, Chen Stormstout, and their old frien...

  • WEIGH ANCHOR AND CHART COURSE FOR THE ISLANDS OF AZEROTH!Betwixt the sweeping seas of Azeroth, islands and isles await, bursting with splendid treasures—powerful artifacts, enchanted armor, and rousing tales from ages past. With duty delaying t...

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    Nominated for the World Fantasy Award, the Aurealis Award and the Ditmar Award.Sword and Sonnet contains twenty-three fantasy and science fiction stories featuring battle poets. A poet in search of the dragon her mother banished. A labyrinth that is ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Alex Acks has published 9 books.

The next book by Alex Acks, Islands and Isles, will be published in October 2024.

The first book by Alex Acks, No Shit There I Was, was published in February 2017.

No. Alex Acks does not write books in series.