Valentine Wishes
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    Original story collection
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    In an age of elegance and refinement, Valentine's Day brings the perfect occasion for love...

    Lady Diana's Courtship by Mona Gedney
    The wastrel Earl of Glenwood had often pressed his daughter to wed a wealthy gentleman, but Lady Diana Crosswell turned down all offers as marriage meant leaving her happy-go-lucky younger brother to fend for himself. But when handsome John Derringer wins the right to court the beautiful lady, she finds it very hard to refuse when love, not money, is at stake.

    A Valentine from Venus by Cindy Holbrook
    When Cupid wagers Venus she cannot bring two unlikely lovers together, the goddess of love finds herself faced with the Marquis of Waverly, a writer of love poems, and his lovely assistant, Amelia Thornton, who dispassionately analyze the romantic nuance of each line. But once Venus takes matters in hand, the poet and his muse discover that there is more to love than rhyme.

    Cupid's Ace by Jeanne Savery
    Pretty little Charity Morris thought all her dreams had come true when she married her childhood sweetheart, the dashing young Lord Crandle. But Timon is out of charity with his bride--for reasons she cannot guess. It's not until Cupid reveals the ace up his sleeve that Charity and Timon realize theirs is a match made in heaven.