Snow Angels (Zebra)
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    Original story collection
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(ss) Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
(ss) Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
(ss) Contemporary Romance / CR 4.5 Buy
(ss) Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
  • Description:
    "They bring joy, wonder--and all the happiness of the season. Let these delightful stories of love and miracles light up your holidays with cheer. . .

    ""Snow Angels,"" by Fern Michaels

    The only way irresistibly handsome Olympic skier Max Jorgenson wants to spend Christmas is. . .alone. But when social worker Grace Landry stumbles into his log cabin during a snowstorm, an unexpected magic rekindles his heart, his hopes, and the sweetest of Christmas dreams. . .

    ""The Presents of Angels"" by Marie Bostwick

    Ex-Rockette Kendra Loomis doesn''t regret giving up New York''s bright lights to be a Vermont minister''s wife. But their small town''s Christmas countdown is becoming a major stress-fest--and the only way she can save the day is to prove that giving is the most precious gift of all. . .

    ""Decorations"" by Janna McMahan

    All Michelle Duncan wanted for Christmas was a new life. And by helping her ailing mother she found one--as manager of a charming holiday craft store. She never expected that the fringe benefits would be muscular sculptor Baxter Brow--and one last chance to make all her wishes come true. . .

    ""Miracle on Main Street"" by Rosalind Noonan

    New York City policeman Joe Cody and his wife Sheila can''t afford much of a holiday for their two kids. He''s sure not expecting much yuletide joy while working on Christmas Day--until a desperate wish and several unexplainable events open his eyes to a wonderland of blessings and love. . ."