Seeing Fireworks
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    Original story collection
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  • Description:
    This collection of four dazzling stories proves that falling in love has all the excitement of a brilliant fireworks display.

    PLAYING WITH FIRE by Elaine Coffman
    During her vacation on a Montana ranch, Susan Klein's birthday fireworks light up more than the night. The resulting bush fire has rancher Wyatt Whittaker burning with temper, but when the flames of anger cool, the city lady and the cowboy start making fireworks of their own.

    SUMMER FLING by Victoria Barrett
    College friends Anne Hayden and Adam Weston value independence beyond everything, but then a sultry Fourth of July weekend at a seaside cottage sets off sparks of passion, and they face the choice of letting the embers die or revelling in the splendid fires of love.

    ONE STAR-SPANGLED NIGHT by Ashland Price
    Love bursts through time when modern day RN Alison Kimball visits Colonial Williamsburg and dreams of a handsome soldier from long ago. When wounded Revolutionary War officer Richard Adams finds himself far from the battlefield with this pretty nurse, passion ignites a history-making romance.

    SHOWERS AND SPARKS by Trana Mae Simmons
    Gerrie Jean Cartwright does a slow burn when she meets Judge Zachariah Edward Brenham. It's a shame for a free spirit like her to fall for a stick-in-the-mud like His Honor. But love lights a fire under Zach, and by the Glorious Fourth, he's sparkling, Gerrie's glowing, and their love is exploding in a shower of stars.

    Celebrating the Fourth of July has never before been this much fun!