Hunt the Man Down / Cheyenne Captives
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    Previously released story collection
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Historical / H 0 Buy
Historical / H 0 Buy
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    TWO FULL NOVELS. Hunt the Man Down by Lewis B. Patten: It began with a raging snowstorm and a woman's terrified scream. And suddenly Mike Logan found himself forced to flee for his life, accused of a crime he never committed- hunted by a powerful rancher who vowed to shoot him down like an animal. Enduring a crippling wound, cold, hunger, and the treachery of those he'd reckoned as friends, Logan swore that if death was in the cards, he'd deal not only his own hand but that of his vicious pursuer...! Cheyenne Captives by Lewis B. Patten: When the wives and children of Clay Holley and Tom Denton were captured by hostile Indians, the two men embarked on a nightmarish, relentless pursuit of the savages. But the chase led to Denton's death, leaving Holley with no other choice but to join Custer's campaign against the Indians at Washita. It was Holley's last glimmer of hope for rescuing the captives, and he was determined to succeed- or die trying...