For the Love of Chocolate
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    Original story collection
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List of Titles

Author Book Series Genre Date Rating Genre      
(ss) Contemporary Romance / CR 0 Buy
(ss) Historical Romance / HR 2 Buy
(ss) Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
(ss) Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
  • Description:
    Four favorite authors blend the twin ecstasies of romance and chocolate.

    Delicious Bonbons for the Romantic Chocoholic -- Stories so luscious, they'll melt in your mouth, and melt your heart.

    If you crave romance and can't resist chocolate, you'll adore this tantalizing assortment of unexpected encounters, witty flirtation, forbidden love, and tender rediscovered passion...

    Margaret Brownley's straight-laced gray-suited insurance detective is a bull in a whimsical Los Angeles chocolate shop and its beautiful, nutty owner wants him out--until she discovers his surprisingly soft center.

    Raine Cantrell carries you back to the Old West, where men were men and candy was scare...and a cowboy with the devil's own good looks succumbs to a sassy and sensual lady's special confectionery.

    In Nadine Crenshaw's London of 1660, a reckless Puritan maid's life is changed forever by a decadent brew of frothy hot chocolate and the dashing owner of a sweetshop.

    Sandra Kitt follows a Chicago child's search for a box of Sweet Dreams that brings together a tall, handsome engineer and a tough single mother with eyes like chocolate drops.

    Sit back with your favorite chocolate treat and devour these scrumptious love stories!