For Mother, With Love
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    Original story collection
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(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 0 Buy
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 0 Buy
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 0 Buy
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    Celebrate the blossoming of a mother's love for her children and a man's devotion to the woman who cares for his family in these exquisite tales by three highly acclaimed Regency authors...

    Hoping to make a good marriage for her beautiful sister, resourceful Audrey Malton passes herself off as Susan's mother to chaperone a visit to Bath. But Dorothea Donley's MAKESHIFT MAMA, the lovely widowed Mrs. Malton is astonished to find she attracts as many beaux as her "daughter."

    THE NOTORIOUS MRS. CARLTON, by Martha Kirkland, tells the story of Miss Anne Carlton's invasion of Lord Herndon's home in disguise where she hopes to learn the truth about the mother who deserted her family. The plan goes awry when Lord Herndon, her mother's stepson, gives love a chance to replace the coldness in Anne's heart.

    In Carol Quinto's, THE VIRTUES OF PATIENCE, Gregory Courtenay, the handsome Duke of Norwick, asks his mother to select a proper bride for him. Her choice, Miss Patience Cheswick -- a lady as strong-willed and intelligent as she is beautiful -- soon convinces the reserved peer of the virtues of a love match.

    Filled with hopes and heartaches, tears and laughter, and the special joy that only a mother can bring, this wondrous collection of romances is a timeless gift to treasure any day of the year.