Fang Shui
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    Original story collection
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    WELCOME TO POSITIVE ENCOUNTERS! You are about to experience the sensual thrill of a lifetime! Dance with humanity's darkest fantasies! Try the safe, legal, erotic thrill that's sweeping the nation! Please remember that the following guidelines were created to ensure your safety and well being. It is imperative that you follow them to the letter. These are for the protection of Client and Host alike, so please be certain you understand each one. If you have any questions, DO NOT hesitate to ask your Membership Coordinator! THE ENCOUNTER COMMANDMENTS:1. Ladies should not schedule their Encounter during their monthly cycle.2. Please follow all of your Host's directions precisely.3. Do not eat highly acidic or spicy foods 12 hours before your Encounter.4. Do not drink excessive alcohol or ingest mind-altering drugs 24 hours before your Encounter.5. Please do not attempt to communicate with your Host beyond what is necessary to facilitate a successful Encounter for you both. PE is not a dating service.6. Do not make direct, prolonged eye contact with your Host.7. Do not exchange personal identifying information with your Host.8. Please do not encourage or attempt to elicit intimate behavior with your Host.9. If your Host suggests that you terminate the Encounter, do so immediately! Other arrangements will be made to fulfill your contract with Positive Encounters.10. Please do not tip your Host~When lonely wallflower Winnie Mulligan decides to expand her horizons with the hottest new fad among her friends, breaking the rules with her sexy vampire host may give her more than she bargained for.