Collected Short Stories
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    Percival Christopher Wren is best known as a novelist, publishing twenty-eight novels from 1912 to 1941, the most famous of which being Beau Geste (1924). Wren also published seven short story collections: Stepsons of France (1917), The Young Stagers (1917), Good Gestes (1929), Flawed Blades (1933), Port o' Missing Men (1934), Rough Shooting (1938), and Odd-But Even So (1941). These short story collections contained a total of 116 stories. There were also two omnibus collections published, Stories of the Foreign Legion (1947) and Dead Men's Boots (1949), containing stories taken from Stepsons of France, Good Gestes, Flawed Blades, and Port o' Missing Men. In addition to the 116 stories published in Wren's short story collections there are some additional items in The Collected Short Stories. At Oxford: Innocent Ernest and Artful Eintz is a short story originally published in 1919 in an obscure fiction magazine. The Romantic Regiment and Twenty-Four Hours in the Foreign Legion are factual articles originally published in magazines. Wonderful Egypt is an article (more a photographic essay) originally published in The Strand Magazine. The article I Saw a Vision! originally appeared in a rare psychic magazine, Prediction. There is also an article found in an Australian newspaper, Meaning of Dreams, where Wren relates a couple of dreams he had experienced. Finally there is Broken Glass, an unpublished short story. Each volume in The Collected Short Stories includes an introduction and commentary on each story by the editor, John L. Espley. Volume one of The Collected Short Stories contains all of the stories included in The Young Stagers and Stepsons of France. Volume one also includes Double Saddle (from Flawed Blades), and the first book appearance of At Oxford: Innocent Ernest and Artful Eintz.