A June Betrothal
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    Original story collection
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List of Titles

Author Book Series Genre Date Rating Genre      
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 2
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 0
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 5
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 2
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 0
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 1
  • Description:
    A CHARMED ENGAGEMENT by Monette Cummings
    Long ago betrothed to her childhood sweetheart, Lorna is shocked to find him in another woman's arms. Now she is determined to stop the wedding, even if it means losing her one true love...

    Having narrowly escaped one arranged marriage, Miss Caroline Durham is dismayed to find herself engaged to a devilishly handsome lord. Will this be a union of love or a mere marriage of convenience?

    THE RUNAWAY BRIDE by Lynn Kerstan
    When Colonel John Corbett learns his fiancee has fled London to avoid marrying him, he realizes his approach to their courtship has been sadly lacking. Will romance and passion convince the lady of his true feelings?

    CHLOE'S ELOPEMENT by Rebecca North
    Chloe Weymouth is happy to help her sister elope with Lord Abington's best friend...until everything goes awry. She never dreamed her plan would bring her so much trouble...and so much love.

    A GROOM FOR JUNO by Cynthia Richey
    Miss Juno Davis has long considered herself a spinster and thus laughs at the Viscount Lancaster's offer of marriage. However, true love can conquer even the most determined heart...

    A SPRINGTIME AFFAIR by Jeanne Savery
    A peculiar clause in the lease to her home has kept Jessica Darling Rippon out of society for some time. But the unexpected arrival of a most handsome rake may reawaken her to the joys of love.