40 Guns West / Preacher's Peace
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    Previously released story collection
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Historical / H 5 Buy
Historical / H 5 Buy
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    The First Mountain Man: Forty Guns West

    During a trip back east for a family reunion, Preacher’s wrongly accused of murdering wealthy landowner Elam Parks—and there’s a $5,000 reward. The fortune in blood money has dispatched a small army of bloodthirsty bounty hunters, and Preacher can’t think of a more scenic place to pick them off, one by one . . .

    The First Mountain Man: Preacher’s Peace

    Double-crossed, abandoned, and half-dead from a grizzly attack, Preacher’s going to have to rely on the only thing he’s got left: his wits. Because these Blackfoot Indians don’t take too kindly to any white man . . . especially one who’s killed their warrior chief . . .