Karen Harbaugh

Karen Harbaugh is an award-winning author and RITA finalist who has published eleven fantasy/romance novels and four novellas. She graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in English, and has also had various other occupations, such as quality assurance analyst, technical writer, editor, medical and legal word processor, and currently works at a civil and structural engineering company. She is happily married to a software engineer and has a grown son. When she is not writing stories, she does volunteer work, knits, cooks, spins yarn, gardens, watches various SF/Fantasy TV shows, and occasionally finds time to annoy her cat, Newman.

Historical RomanceJan-2004 Buy
Historical RomanceDec-2003 Buy
(ss) Paranormal RomanceJan-1998 Buy
(ss) Contemporary RomanceApr-2003 Buy
(ss) FantasyMar-2007 Buy
(ss) Historical RomanceJan-2010 Buy
SRR-Traditional RegencyFeb-1998 Buy
SRR-Traditional RegencyFeb-1999 Buy
SRR-Traditional RegencyFeb-1997 Buy
SRR-Traditional RegencyMay-1995 Buy
SRR-Traditional RegencyJun-1999 Buy
SRR-Traditional RegencyOct-1996 Buy
SRR-Traditional RegencyOct-1995 Buy
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