Zero Tolerance

It looked like it would be easy. But the retainer suggested otherwise: a fat check for twenty-five grand. Dr. David Faber wants bounty hunter Virgit Proctor to find his repeat offender son, Walt. By skipping his arraignment, the kid has graduated from scofflaw to felon-on-the-run. Faber wants Walt to give himself up. And he's willing to pay Virgil three times his usual per-diem fee....

All leads are cold until Virgil sees the obituaries: Walt's heiress aunt is dead-and the kid stands to inherit her fortune. Suddenly Walt looks less like a felon and more like a missing heir. An heir likely to stay missing as Virgil closes in on the truth. Someone lobs a brick inscribed with red-letter threats from the Book of Luke. Then a swastika is scratched into the door of his pickup. Virgil is getting too close to something nasty--and big. Then somebody torches his house and executes his friend. Now Virgil's playing for keeps, aiming to nail the killer for good....

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    • First Edition
    • Jun-1995
    • Dell
    • Mass Market Paperback
    • ISBN: 0440218640
    • ISBN13: 9780440218647


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