In the snow-covered hills of Alaska, a storybook town called Mystic Springs has been haunted for decades by the disappearance of a little girl named Annabelle Braun -- a case that was never solved.

To this day, her brothers, Jason and Brandon, and two cousins, Zach and Tyler have never stopped looking. The Fierce Four, as the town's residence have come to call them, went so far as to open their own private security firm -- Eagle -- in the name of figuring out what happened to Annabelle. It's a good thing, too, because ever since the girl's disappearance, Mystic Springs has been plagued with cases of kidnapping, missing persons, and stalking -- it would seem this town is in high need of protection.

This is Zach's story...

Agent Zach Winter spent his senior year of high school in love with the girl next door -- stunning, French transfer student, Sophia Rothschild. It was never more than that, admiration from afar, despite their mutual attraction. Sophia chose the captain of the football team instead and got married quickly after graduation, but she never left Zach's thoughts. When Sophia shows up at his private security firm, having been framed for the murder of her late husband, Zach finds the old flame that used to burn in his heart for her is reignited.

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