Young Blood
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Sisters Anavey and Anastasia Winchester live in constant fear of their stepfather, Dale Buckmeyer. The young girls never know when his temper will flare up, and their mother, Olivia, who is devoted to Dale, seems blind to their plight. Anavey, an intelligent but moody twelve-year-old, is especially subject to his anger. However, Anavey has a secret. A dark, deadly secret. From far back in her family history, Anavey has inherited a unique gene: a vampire gene, which, as she approaches puberty, begins to assert itself, both physically and psychologically. Naturally enough, she begins to feed on the blood of the children around her -- even her sister's. However, not satisfied with merely subsisting on their essence, she begins turning the other kids into vampires, all of whom are subject to her dominant will. Realizing the extent of her newfound powers, Anavey begins making plans to free herself -- and her sister -- from Dale's cruel hold. Soon, the other undead youngsters realize they, too, now have the ability to break free of their own parents' restrictive influences. Anavey begins to organize them into a legion of bloodthirsty young hellions intent on freeing themselves from all adult control. From their parents, to their teachers, to the other leaders of the community… the vicious, adolescent vampires wreak their vengeance on all who have oppressed them. As Anavey's power grows, so does her wrath, until even Anastasia begins to fear her. It isn't long before Anastasia realizes she must make a choice. Does she remain at Anavey's side, participating against her will in brutal, wanton acts of violence? Or does she attempt to free herself of her older sister's wicked influence, knowing that… if she does… Anavey will kill her in horrific fashion? Young Blood: Evil Intentions is novel by Stephen Mark Rainey, based on the original screenplay by Mat and Myron Smith. The movie, Young Blood: Evil Intentions, chronicles the story of sisters Anavey and Anastasia, but the novel delves deeper into the characters' lives -- how the children deal with the onset of their own unfathomable powers, how their families struggle to understand and overcome the unthinkable, and why the darkness in young Anavey grows until it threatens to destroy an entire community.
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    • First Edition
    • Jun-2016
    • Createspace
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1519714246
    • ISBN13: 9781519714244

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