Woven Threads
Knowing that God is directing her path, Tessie, armed with years of schooling has taken the position as physician for the Santa Fe Railroad in Florence, Kansas. Part of her longs to show her independence and strengh within her profession, while a deeper part longs to be loved and cared for.

Tessie glows under the attention of Charlie Banion, the handsome and very capable operations manager for the railroad, but her interest is stirred by an intriguing English patient, Edward Buford, who may hold the key to restoring the hearing to Tessie's young patient and ward.

Tessie must follow Edward to Chicago to learn about new ear sugery techniques, but her heart is in Florence.Where does God want her to be...and with whom will she weave the threads of her life?

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    • Jun-2015
    • Barbour Books
    • eBook (Kindle)
    • Jun-2015
    • Barbour
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1634096622
    • ISBN13: 9781634096621


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