Worth Risking It All
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    Contemporary Romance
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Every bad girl has a great story...Bad girl Liz Pritchard has a fantastic opportunity to ditch her less-than-stellar reputation and become socialite Elizabeth Picard. To complete the transformation, though, she must return to her hometown to tie up a few loose ends. Except suddenly she finds one of those loose ends standing on her porch, wanting back into her life.Fourteen years earlier, Hunter Thorne's decision to protect his own reputation had devastated Liz and forever altered the course of her life. Now a wildfire fighter, Hunter has discovered the daughter Liz put up for adoption has tracked down her birth parents and wants a future with them both. And Hunter realizes he wants more than just forgiveness from Liz--he wants to share a life together.But Hunter's sudden presence opens the door to doubt about Liz's grand plan...because erasing her past means erasing everything that was once in her heart.And now both Liz and Hunter must find the courage to face the past before the fire that's been banked for years roars into full flame.
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    • First Edition
    • Sep-2014
    • Bloomfield Publishing
    • eBook
    • Aug-2014
    • Bloomfield Publishing
    • eBook (Kindle)

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